Data and expertise to reveal the true environmental impacts of agricultural supply chains

We develop data and technology that change our understanding of how agriculture impacts the environment.

Our expertise

We support stakeholders along agricultural value chains in taking decisive action for operating within planetary boundaries.

Quantitative sustainability

A combined 50+ years of experience measuring and interpreting environmental risks

Geospatial data science

Innovators in injecting the science of environmental impact assessment into digital tools

Food & agriculture systems

The trusted guide of the world’s largest food and beverage companies and commodity traders

Satellite image of the Sahara desert

Our philosophy

Solutions to the environmental crises call for collaboration and creativity.

Since the beginning of time, the stars have sparked the human imagination. AdAstra — “to the stars” in Latin — reflects our belief that no challenge before us is too great if we face it together, with perseverance and ingenuity. This is how we build a resilient food and agriculture system.

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