AdAstra Sustainability

Since times immemorial, the “look up” to the stars sparked human imagi­nation. Ad Astra, literally “to the stars” in Latin, is about looking up to the cosmos to collabo­ratively and creatively find solutions to the climate and environ­mental crises.

It’s about the optimism that we can tackle today’s challenges with our shared capa­bility to envision a better future.

It’s about looking closely at the present to under­stand the causes of the environ­mental emergency.

It’s about under­standing what fails in our systems, in order to come up with inno­vative and scalable solutions.

It’s about actively shaping and working towards a more resilient future.

milky way
What’s past is prologue. William Shakespeare

AdAstra Sustainability is a Swiss start-up co-founded by Xavier Bengoa, Jürgen Reinhard and Simon Gmünder in 2022. We are experts in quantitative sustain­ability and life cycle assessment. Our team has over 40 years of cumulated experience in the fields of environ­mental impact modelling, consultancy, knowledge management and data-science.

As a purpose-driven sustain­ability firm, AdAstra supports companies and stake­holders of all sizes in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Develop­ment Goals for Climate Action (SDGs) with the strongest scientific integrity. We funnel our knowledge and passion into meaningful action for society to flourish within planetary boundaries and personal fulfilment of our team and partners.

Xavier Bengoa, Jürgen Reinhard and Simon Gmünder
AdAstra co-founders.