See the invisible.

High-fidelity data that reveal the environmental impacts of land conversion in your agricultural supply chain, no matter your level of traceability

Land conversion insights for even the most opaque supply chains

Ending deforestation and other types of land conversion can’t wait for perfect traceability.

Orbae meets you where you’re at.

Whether you have traceability to the farm or no traceability at all, Orbae can tell you the environmental impacts of your supply chain.


Track progress and monitor change with data that’s updated annually and aligned with leading standards.


All major agricultural commodities. 30×30-meter resolution. Any level of traceability. Anywhere in the world. All types of land conversion.


Address hotspots throughout your portfolio and unlock landscape-level interventions.

How it works

We start with billions of data points from satellite imagery that show land cover over the past 20 years.

Working bottom up, we divide the world into 30×30-meter pixels. For each pixel, we record changes in land use and calculate the greenhouse gas emissions over time for individual agricultural commodities, accounting for the carbon stocks of each ecosystem.

Any time land conversion is observed from space, we attribute it to the right commodity. Field per field.

Orbae then automatically aggregates the emissions to any area of interest.


Sourcing region

Municipality or state


Ready for better data?

Together we can stop land conversion by 2030.

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